Couple Try To Use Gummy Bears While Having Sex, End Up In Hospital

Sex Sent Me To the ER delivers again.

1. Pro tip: if you’re going to melt down a 5lb gummy bear and spread it on your partner, let it cool down first.

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2. Because that’s what Michael and Josi, from Clarksville, Tennessee, didn’t do.

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And as a result, Josi was left with third degree burns on her chest.

3. Josi decided she needed to call her mum for advice. Her mum, who at this point Michael hadn’t met.

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No Michael, it’s probably not.

4. Somewhat unsurprisingly, she told them to go to hospital.

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Here’s the splendid surprise twist: Michael and Josi got through it. They’re engaged.

5. Well done everyone. Well done.

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