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    A Man Dressed As Mr Incredible Assaulted A Female Street Performer On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

    Other performers attempted to stop the violent attack.

    For reasons as yet unknown, a street performer dressed as Mr Incredible attacked a woman dressed as Batgirl on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Sky News / CBS

    The footage was captured by CBS staff.

    Performers dressed as Chewbacca and Freddy Krueger can be seen attempting to hold the man back. / Via Sky News / CBS

    In another clip, he broke free of the man dressed as Wally's (Waldo for US readers) grip and attacked the woman once more, knocking her to the ground, whereupon furious bystanders stepped in to stop the assault.

    BuzzFeed News is attempting to find out if a criminal report has been filed.