Can You Spot The Real Daily Mail Headline?

Have you got the news instincts of a top Mail executive?

  1. 1. Let's start easy. Which youth activity is making Jan Moir concerned?
    1. This one?
    2. Or this one?
  2. 2. What's getting Liz Jones exercised?
    1. The power-crazed RSPB?
    2. Or vicious squirrels?
  3. 3. What's the EXCLUSIVE?
    1. Flatulence row leads to president’s pot dealer’s death?
    2. Former sweetheart is a lapdancing terrorist?
  4. 4. Bit tougher now. What's a woman's idea of a perfect man?
    1. A 6ft, £48k-a-year, beer drinking meat eater with an Audi?
    2. A 6ft 2in, £55k-a-year, red wine-drinking rugby player with a Porsche?
  5. 5. What happened to this poor woman?
    1. This?
    2. Or this?
  6. 6. What unremarkable thing has Rosanna Arquette done?
    1. Held up the queue for the bus?
    2. Not enjoyed her drink?
  7. 7. Liz Jones has a tattoo. But what is it?
    1. A 4-inch high prancing horse?
    2. Her cats?
  8. 8. Who's more prone to cancer?
    1. Big headed babies?
    2. Or single mothers?
  9. 9. Women! How do you succeed at work?
    1. Button it.
    2. Get flirting.
  10. 10. Liz Jones isn't enjoying her flight. What's she going to do?
    1. Get rid of the fat guy?
    2. Stash this baby?

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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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