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    Can You Make It Through These Medical Horror Stories Without Feeling Queasy?

    When it gets too much, you know what to do.

    Yesterday, medical workers on Reddit were asked their most "OMG what is that?" moment.

    We expected some nasty things to be described. But we certainly didn't expect the carnival of pure horror that resulted.

    The thread is too awful to display on its own terms. Every tale has therefore been given a lovely picture to keep it company. If you're struggling (and you will), just click the other box.

    1. This is probably the worst pregnancy story ever told.

    But this is a puppy being cuddled.

    Vince Cagliuri / Getty

    2. Here's an extreme surgery story.

    But here's a beautiful sunset.

    Chris Trotman / Getty

    3. This is a detail you neither knew nor wanted to about motorcycle accidents.

    This is a dog wearing sunglasses.

    Tom Pennington / Getty

    4. If you're looking at this story about crabs...

    You may wish to take a quick gulp of this puppy.

    Lisa Maree Williams / Getty

    5. Here's a tale that makes The Exorcist look tame.

    6. So it's probably best to leave this Guinea Pig here.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty

    7. This is the possibly the worst story involving a tramp's toenail you'll ever see.

    This, on the other hand, is a duckling.

    Stuart Franklin / Getty

    8. How you doing? You could read a nasty story about an injured arm.

    Or look at a rabbit doing some digging.

    Ross Kinnaird / Getty

    9. Here's a gross thing about genital warts.

    But you'll probably be wanting to look at these piglets about now.

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty

    10. This is Sharon Stone with a lovely baby goat.

    But this is a horrible story.


    11. OH SORRY, got muddled. Hope you were paying attention. Anyway, there's just time for this:

    Chances are you'd probably rather look at this lamb by now though.

    Matt Cardy / Getty

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