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    The Guardian And The Sunday Sport Are Having A War About Genitalia

    This post contains several variations on descriptive words for the male glans as well as some other swears.

    Right. Where to begin. According to the Sunday Sport, The Guardian "recently announced" that this was the correct way to spell a popular colloquialsm for the tip of a penis.

    Twitter: @guardianstyle

    (Though this tweet dates from May this year).

    Here's The Guardian's style guide entry to back it up.

    The Sunday Sport attacked this decision in a coruscating editorial that describes The Guardian as the "loss-making house journal of Britain's chattering classes".

    This is not the first time the Sunday Sport has expressed outrage over the use of a hyphen in "bellend".

    In a furious email to staff earlier this year, editor Nick Appleyard wrote:

    For example, last Sunday (July 20) one sub editor came up with the headline: MAN LOSES B*LLOCKS BUT DOCS SAVE HIS BELL-END!

    When I saw that page I felt physically sick. There are TWO glaring errors in the above headline that every member of editorial staff should spot straight away. Bollocks is NOT censored, even in headlines, and who the hell puts a hyphen in bellend? I won't name names but you know who you are and you should go back to school.

    BuzzFeed UK's swearing style guide is yet to be completed, though it has been confirmed "bellend" is our house style.

    @jbasher @lukelewis Bellend will not be excluded! It's an early draft...

    Rory Lewarne@rorita

    @jbasher @lukelewis Bellend will not be excluded! It's an early draft...

    4:28 PM - 15 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    As in Bellenden Gardens, Edinburgh. Which looks and sounds like a penis.!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4887b894222452e9:0xdeb883cb0d7e1618

    Right, that's enough of that. Let's watch Jeremy Hunt nearly kill someone with his bellend.

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