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J.K. Rowling Just Answered One Of Those Tricky Tumblr "Harry Potter" Questions

And one about tea.

Here's one of those questions from Tumblr that just ruins a Potter fan's day...

@jk_rowling a valid question on Tumblr (credit to the urls/people)

...until this morning.

.@llamaofthelab The Horcrux-receptacle has to be destroyed BEYOND REPAIR, so Harry would need to have DIED. #pleaseneveraskmethatoneagain

And if you were wondering about Fluffy...

@jk_rowling what happened to Fluffy after he was released into the forest? I hope he returned to Hogwarts for the battle!

...now you know.

.@EmyBemy2 He was repatriated to Greece. Dumbledore liked to put Hagrid's more foolish acquisitions back where they belong - not the forest.

This one I have to confess I've never considered.

@jk_rowling Why is 12 Grimmauld place in the middle of a muggle house complex?

But now we know.

.@CharlsEC A Black ancestor coveted the beautiful house, so 'persuaded' the Muggle occupant to leave & put the appropriate spells on it.

And we've just got time for *the* important question about British lifestyles...

@jk_rowling What's your favorite brand of tea?

.@gazing_venus Lancashire tea. I'm drinking it right now.


...like that, she's gone.

Sorry, haven't got time for more than three HP answers this morning. Robert needs me, but take those as a thank you for yr lovely messages x

She needs to tweet more.