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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    There Is An Online Petition Calling For An Online Petition About Myleene Klass To Be Banned

    Ban the internet. H/T Felicity Morse.

    You know how a few days ago there was that really weird episode of The Agenda where Myleene Klass went off on one at Ed Miliband about the Mansion Tax?

    Here is a clip in which the former Hear'Say singer, whose claims to have stolen the Pope's loo roll were once called into question by the Guardian, lectures the leader of the opposition on fiscal drag.

    She also said £2 million wouldn't get you a garage in London. Shortly after this Ed pulled this face.


    Anyway, as you also probably know, the internet divided along somewhat predictable lines. Roughly one third yay Myleene...

    Myleene Klaas outgunning Ed Milliband on @agendaitv ...who knew?

    Grant Holland@Dutch_GrantFollow

    Myleene Klaas outgunning Ed Milliband on @agendaitv ...who knew?

    11:21 PM - 17 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite third boo Myleene...

    Myleene Klaas don't like the idea of having to pay #mansiontax. Is she even aware of the effects of #BedroomTax?


    Myleene Klaas don't like the idea of having to pay #mansiontax.

    Is she even aware of the effects of #BedroomTax?

    6:34 AM - 18 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    ...and one third "LOL".

    Myleene Klass' garage, pictured earlier:

    Anyway, as a result this online petition got set up.

    Because clearly the most productive way to take issue with someone's political opinions is to demand their employers sack them.

    Over 3,000 people have got behind the motion that says:

    Littlewoods, the representative of your brand, Myleene Klass has demonstrated unacceptable conduct and spoken unacceptably publicly in such appalling economic times. We the British public call upon you to make you position regarding the words of Myleene Klass clear and end your business relationship with her as the face of your brand.

    But now we have this!

    Which only has 53 supporters, but give it a chance.

    In summary, too much internet for today, thanks everyone.

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