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    The "Slaphappy" Is A Bendy Vibrator And Its Inventor Thinks It's Changed The Game

    It bends! It can be used for spanking! It can be used externally or internally! It's INSANE! Contains some NSFW language.

    Meet the SLAPHAPPY!

    It's the new invention from Brian Sloan, the man who brought you the Autoblow 2, the robotic oral sex simulator for men.

    Brian says it's five vibrators in one.

    According to his press release:

    After raising nearly $300,000 on Indiegogo to create the Autoblow 2, Sloan received numerous requests from women asking him to build something equally unique and functional for them. Many emails mentioned that different feelings required different toys – meaning that women had to own a drawer full of vibrators to experience the full range of possible sensations.

    It bends!

    It "laser targets" certain areas.

    It stimulates you externally and internally!

    It's very quiet!

    And best of all, you can use it with a partner!

    In the press release Sloan says:

    After reading their emails, the style of toy I needed to invent became clear. Women wanted a single vibrator that could quickly change its shape. Plus, with the whole 50 Shades of Gray craze going on, I thought why not also make it something people could be spanked with. Most couples enjoy a bit of spanking so I decided to make the first vibrator that could also be used as a spanking implement.

    According to the press release Slaphappy will retail for $65 when it launches in the Spring of 2015, but backers on the Indiegogo page can pick it up for a lot less.