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    Britain Randomly Turned A Californian Student's Flute Recital Into A Hilarious Facebook Meme

    Azeem Ward's flute recital is POPPING OFF!

    Here's Azeem Ward's Facebook page. Azeem is a student of flute performance at the University of California, in Santa Barbara. And on 16 May, at 3pm, he'll be giving his senior flute recital.

    And at some point overnight, for reasons currently unknown, it became a GIANT British meme.

    People were getting very excited indeed.

    So excited, this petition happened.

    Others were confused.

    Who is Azeem and why is everyone going to his flute recital

    Who the fuck is Azeem and why am I going to his flute recital

    But most people realised this was the gig of the decade.

    Azeem's Senior Flute Recital is going to pop off

    Because it was clearly going to be all killer.

    View this video on YouTube

    No filler.

    Soon it was all anyone could talk about.

    been revising all day and I know more about Azeem Ward's senior flute recital than about the collapse of Bretton Woods..

    Azeem's senior flute recital is gonna be going off cannot wait for this sat

    There were the inevitable hipsters...

    ...touts, of course...

    ...unsubstantiated rumours about the future...

    ...and judging from the other artists slated to play, this was going to be huge.

    Can't wait for #azeem's flute recital on saturday! gona be a big 1

    Needless to say this happened.

    Student newspaper The Tab reported on "talk of afterparties being planned for the event, billed as the hottest flute recital since Claude-Paul Taffanel’s performance of Bach’s sonatas, already."

    If you aren't going to Azeem's senior flute recital, I don't want to know you.

    According to Don't Panic, he was "touted to perform classics such as Devienne's 'Concerto No. 7', Gaubert's 'Sonata No.3' and Roitstein's 'Flautas' alongside more contemporary smashers, including 'Three Beats for Beatbox Flute'".

    There was even brandter :(

    Anyone got an invite to Azeem’s flute recital on Saturday? We’ll bring our finest* party platter.

    Ward told The Tab:

    "I have no idea why the event is so popular in the UK, especially as it's happening in the US. I thought only 100 people would attend, but the numbers I see now are crazy."

    And he confirmed he would post videos after the event, telling The Tab: "It's really funny because there are only 100 seats in the hall. I would be able to accommodate about 50 more than normal, but not 800."

    We're waiting Azeem. Britain is waiting.