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    Nov 10, 2014

    Russell Brand Just Posted A Video Response To The "Parklife" Meme

    In which he calls the prime minister an arsewipe.

    You know how a bunch of people were all shouting "PARKLIFE" at Russell Brand last week?

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    Well, here's his response. The music comes from the Rubberbandits.

    He argues that the meme was born from snobbery.

    "You can't be polysyllabic or talk about important things unless you went to school in a top hat and tails."

    He bemoans social inequality, and calls the prime minister an...

    Brand also has a pop at Nigel Farage and Starbucks, and then tells us we'll all be dead soon.

    In other news, he continued his revolutionary campaign over the weekend by protesting against rising rates on an estate in Hoxton owned by Conservative MP Richard Benyon’s family firm. It didn't get a lot of coverage although of course the Daily Mail gave him some stick, which he probably saw coming.

    The man who started the meme has also responded.

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