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    An Indonesian Cleric Said Muslim Women Shouldn't Take Selfies So They Trolled Him Mercilessly

    Felix Siauw asked where the "purity" was in women who take them. H/T Coconuts Jakarta.

    Felix Siauw is a popular Indonesian author and speaker with over a million Twitter followers.

    Earlier this month, he posted a 17-point Twitter manifesto about how selfies could be seen as a sin for Muslims.

    3. bila kita selfie, mencari pose terbaik, memilih-memilah, lalu takjub dan kagum dengan diri kita | khawatir itu sudah termasuk UJUB

    "3. If we take a selfie, sift through and choose our best pose, and then we're awed and impressed by our selves – worryingly, that's called PRIDE" (this translation and all the following through Coconuts Jakarta).

    5. bila kita selfie, lalu merasa lebih keren, eksis, lebih baik dari orang lain | jatuhlah kita pada hal yang paling buruk yaitu TAKABBUR

    "5. If we take a selfie and we feel cooler and better than others – we've fallen into the worst sin of all, ARROGANCE".

    In one tweet, Siauw singled out women:

    9. zaman ini banyak Muslimah tanpa malu selfie, satu foto 9 frame | dengan pose wajah yang -innalillahi-, dimana kemuliaan wanita?

    "9. These days many Muslim women take selfies without shame. There are usually nine frames in one photo with facial poses that are just – My Goodness – where's the purity in women?"

    Now, as you may know, selfies are kind of a big deal in Indonesia.

    Indonesia was actually the place where the selfie stick first began, according to Google.

    Even the president is a fan.

    First selfie that Mr. President Joko Widodo took at the Presidential Palace with his volunteers! #WSJinauguration

    So how did women respond? With #Selfie4Siauw, of course.

    Hijaber Community Selfies Indonesia :) #Selfie4Siauw #SelamatPagiCinta #selfie #SelfieSunday #Selfie4Felix

    cc @felixsiauw #Selfie4Siauw Miss Indonesia En BackStage #MissUniverse #Miami #Selfie #Indo...

    #selfie4siauw cc: @felixsiauw ustad, lipstick + kutek akuh sama nih warnanya! Gemez gak?

    #Selfie4Siauw RT @MariyaRahman_: Gara gara macet 😔 #Selfie

    Setor koh #Selfie4Siauw @mydeedee_: Hahahahah epic @yummy_vivi: ?@SidiBobyLukman: RT @Radja_Nusantara: Yg bikin tren

    Okeyyy here we go,,, #ThisIsForToday #Selfie4Siauw

    This isn't the first time selfies have fallen foul of Islamic religious leaders.

    Last year, they expressed their anger after people were seen taking selfies on the hajj — the journey millions of Muslims make to Mecca in order to fulfil one of the five pillars of faith.