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An ESPN Reporter Smacked Down A Football Fan On Live TV For Making An Anti-Gay Comment

Gabriela Moreira said the media cannot be "a vehicle for any kind of prejudice".

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Last week Gabriela Moreira, a Brazilian ESPN presenter, was interviewing a Palmeiras fan on live television.

The interviewee, Felipe, 25, was being interviewed ahead of the team's game against Sao Paulo in front of the Palestra Italia stadium.

When asked what he thought his team's chances were, he replied that he expected them to "beat the fags".

Whereupon Moreira pulled this face...

...and said to him: "Boy, I don't know if you will win – but no to homophobia."

She continued: "How old are you? 25? Please...let's try to...modernize this thought."

And then she got back to interviewing him about the team – but at the end of the interview she said she wanted to "reinforce" her message: "no to homophobia".

Back in the studio, presenter John Carlos Albuquerque praised Moreira's attitude.

He said: "poor thing, the boy is misguided" and noted that this sort of thing "still happens a lot in Brazil and around the world."

She later expressed her views about the interview on Twitter.

Caros, me sinto na obrigação de me manifestar aqui sobre ontem. Pessoalmente, agi de forma natural, de acordo com o que acredito (cont)

+ Profissionalmente, reagi porque acredito que a imprensa não pode ser veículo de qualquer tipo de preconceito.

She said that she acted "in a natural way, according to what I believe professionally. I reacted because I believe that the press can not be a vehicle of any kind of prejudice."

Here's the full exchange.

View this video on YouTube

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