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An Artist Is Mapping The Lives Of Homeless People In Newcastle

JoJo Oldham's huge "Spaces of Homelessness" map shines a light on the lives of people sleeping rough in the city.

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She told BuzzFeed News: "Adele and Oliver ran workshops at the various care centres around the city and asked participants to annotate photocopied maps, marking out the places that are of personal significance to them."

JoJo Oldham

According to the project's website: "The aims of the exhibition are two-fold: to shine further light on routes into homelessness, the spaces and places of homelessness and the experiences of the homeless people therein; and to give a greater voice to a homeless population still largely marginalised from mainstream decision-making processes".


She told BuzzFeed News:

"I got 30 annotated maps to work with to make one mega map of the spaces of homelessness in the city. It's really interesting to see that a lot of people spent their first night rough at the City Library (it's really warm apparently) and then to plot their journeys around the city to other places of shelter, to their own homes and sometimes sadly then back to the streets."

"But overall I think the vibe is one of hope. Feedback for how Newcastle cares for people who are homeless was really positive, and a lot of the participants are focused on securing a happy future for themselves and their families."