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A Car Mechanic's Crazy Device Might Just Revolutionise Childbirth

It may look like a simple sink plunger, but this invention could change second stage labour beyond recognition.

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It was invented by Jorge Odon, an Argentinian car mechanic.

In 2005, staff in his garage showed him a YouTube video which showed how to extract a loose cork from inside an empty bottle. The method involved tilting the bottle, blowing into the bag (which inflated around the cork), then pulling both out.

Two men in the toilet, with my daughters' toys, taking them out of a jar, with Vaseline. Our colleagues could see us and obviously they thought we were a little bit mad,

Jorge's device reduces the risk of harm to the baby.

It's also cheap to produce, so it has potential for wide application in poor countries. It has won a "Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development" Award for its ''potential to save the lives of mothers and newborns at the time of birth".

It is currently being trialled on 100 women in Argentina, and if all goes well, could be in clinical use in two to three years' time.

Watch the device in action here.

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