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A Super Hard A-Level Maths Question Has Got People Memeing Like Mad

Something about sheep.

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The short story is, question nine of today's EdExcel maths exam appears to have been really hard.

Me in the C2 exam when I got to question 9 #edexcelmaths

It was...about...sheep?

#edexcelmaths How the hell are we supposed to do Question 9?! If I find the sheep guy I'm gonna murder him

And it seems to have been pretty impossible.

How much of Question 9 could you do? #edexcelmaths

Still, there's some spectacular memeing going on.

C2 question 9 had me like #edexcelmaths

❤️ u, no-context Louis.

When you figure out how to do Q9 and the invigilator says put your pens down #edexcelmaths #c2 #core2

Raise your hand if you've ever been victimised by @Edexcel #edexcelmaths

The progression of my feelings towards edexcel as I worked through the paper #edexcelmaths

When someone asks me how I thought c2 went then say they thought it was easy #edexcelmaths #c2

"Solutions based on graphical and numerical methods will not be accepted" #edexcelmaths


After C1 I thought I only had one problem.... Now I C2 #EdexcelMaths

There are even Milimemes.

The first half of C2 vs the second half #edexcelmaths

When I went back to check my answers in C2 #edexcelmaths #c2

There are brands getting involved. :(

stop tryna get involved in the banter u didn't do the test u beg #edexcelmaths

And best of all, a Downfall parody.

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Got to love old school memeing.