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    American Kids Keep Snorting Smarties And It's Giving Them Nose Maggots

    They can also get lung infections and internal bleeding. They should probably stop doing it.

    Here are some Smarties.


    (note for UK readers: Smarties in the U.S. are fruit-flavoured sweets).

    And here's a man from Z-TV re-enacting what kids in Rhode Island are reportedly doing with them. Step 1: crush.

    Step two: cut lines.

    Step 3: Suffer extreme pain.

    But that's not even the worst bit. This is the worst bit.


    Flies can be attracted by the rotting candy inside the nose lining and lay larvae eggs. It's a slight risk, but it could happen, as BoingBoing explains.

    they include lung infections; bleeding and nasal passage scarring; allergic reactions and smoker's cough.

    A search of YouTube reveals hundreds of hits for the craze, suggesting it spreads far beyond Rhode Island.

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