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15 Bits Of Banter That Are Really Confusing Americans On Tumblr

Consider this a PSA, because it's not just the Cheeky Nando's that's causing a problem.

1. Banter/bantz/variations:

Explanation: The word has taken on a wide array of meanings in recent years, including but not limited to:

1. Mockery of one's peers.

2. Witty conversation.

3. Fun activities.

4. Anything amusing that has just happened.

5. Anything amusing.

6. Basically anything.

Those who, in the eyes of their peers, posess high levels of banter may be given a nickname generated by playing on the word, such as "The Archbishop of Banterbury", "Bantersaurus Rex", "Bantonio Banderas", and so on.

2. The fucking price of Freddos:

Explanation: Freddos are small chocolate frogs manufactured by Cadbury's. At one time, a single Freddo cost 5 pence. However, the price has risen dramatically. Many British people believe that this is a sure sign of inflation – indeed, the Facebook group "Using the price of Freddos to judge the state of the economy" has over 100,000 likes.

3. The DFS sale:

Explanation: The furniture retailer DFS advertises its sales with such regularity that British people would take it as an ominent portent for the survival of mankind were the sale to ever end.

4. The Buttery Biscuit Base:

Explanation: Host Gregg Wallace pronounced his admiration for a contestant's "buttery biscuit base" during an episode of cooking competition Masterchef. The clip was remixed by Swede Mason and became a viral hit on YouTube.

5. "Fwiend"

Explanation: In a popular episode of sitcom The Inbetweeners, one of the main characters makes a new friend. As a result, the other main characters take the piss out of him.

6. Going to Spoons for curry club:

Explanation: Wetherspoons, a popular British public house, offers a special deal on its curries once a week. The curry was described by our own Ryan Broderick as "goddamn legit".

7. Dick and Dom:

Explanation: Dick and Dom are the presenters of a popular children's show entitled Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow, among others. They are popular and generally seen as Ledges (see further down). In the above video they are playing a popular game called "Bogies".

8. Lad/Ledge:

Explanation: "Ledge" is a shortened form of legend. When the word is used at its most pejorative, Lads generally look like the above, but the word can have more positive connotations — at their worst, what many Americans would know as a fuckboy. Will generally go out drinking on a Friday night and wind up chundering (vomiting) in the back of a meat wagon (police van).

Either way, love banter and are known to partake of a Cheeky Nando's from time to time.

9. Mililad/Milibanter/Mililedge:

Explanation: During the 2015 general election the then-Labour leader Ed Miliband began to take on an ironic cult status on the internet that saw him romanticised by teenage girls and regularly portrayed as a "lad".

10. Wankers/bus wankers:

Explanation: A wanker is a pejorative term for a masturbator, although it can also be used as a term of lighthearted endearment. A bus wanker is found next to a bus stop (again, as pointed out in an episode of The Inbetweeners).

11. Fifa rage:

Explanation: The anger felt while playing a popular soccer video game and things not going your way. A loss at Fifa to a friend will generally be explained not as being due to their superior performance, but "fucking bullshit".

12. The Go Compare man:

Explanation: This man was the star of a series of extremely annoying adverts for car insurance. Brits generally prefer Compare the Meerkat, although they are also starting to get annoying in the eyes of many.

13. Jeremy Kyle:

Explanation: The Jeremy Kyle Show is a talk show not unlike Jerry Springer's show in the US. It generally features people from deprived socioeconomic backgrounds attempting to resolve their differences and has been compared to "a human form of bear baiting" by a British judge.

14. Greggs:

Explanation: A popular purveyor of cheap baked goods.

15. The banter bus:

Explanation: Any mode of transport on which banter takes place.