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    Guy Claims Dad Was Driving His Speeding Car But He's Caught On Speed Camera Flicking A 'V' And His Dad Died Four Years Earlier

    Pro tip for all drivers: don't do this.

    Prior to his recent charge for speeding, Vasille Georgiou, a hotelier from Plymouth, had been accused of speeding twice before. But it was ok, because on both occasions he had an excuse.

    Harpo / Via

    According to the Plymouth Herald, he'd told prosecutors it was his father.

    The paper reports: "Georgiou was sent a letter but nominated a Stavros Georgiou in [Cyprus] as the driver. The form was sent back apparently signed by that man as the driver – and the case was dropped."

    Police then looked into Georgiou's case, and were told by authorities that he'd been dead since 2008.

    They showed a picture in court from the third time Geogiou had been speeding, in 2012. When he'd decided to do this.

    Here he is doing 59mph in a 40mph zone in Plymouth. And saying hello to a police officer who's taking his picture.

    And that, kids, is probably the most failtastic way you can get jailed for four months and banned from driving for eight months.