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A Woman Says She Has Been Told To Choose Between Her Unborn Child Or Her Convicted Paedophile Husband

She tells the Sunday Echo: "It's an impossible choice".


The Liverpool Sunday Echo today carries a report on a pregnant woman married to a convicted paedophile.

It says the woman's husband was "convicted in 2009 of possessing 100,000 indecent images of children".

The woman and the man, who have asked not to be named, apparently met last summer after he gave her his number in a coffee shop. They told the paper the man told her about his offence, for which he served 15 months in prison, on their first date. She's now eight months pregnant with his child.

I've never been involved with someone with a criminal past. I was shocked and disgusted [...] I think it's despicable what he did but he was remorseful when he told me. I understand he is sorry about what he did and I believe he would never do anything again.

And the Echo goes on to report:

Throughout the pregnancy the couple have had meetings with social workers, who have now compiled a report detailing their concerns about the baby's safety. The document states that social services plan to take the issue before the courts once the child has been born. It advises Mr X should not let be left alone with the baby, meaning the mum-to-be faces a choice of being with her baby or her husband.

The man was apparently convicted of possessing the most serious category of images, but the Echo says he's now completed a sex offender's rehabilitation course, and fears the stress being put on his pregnant wife. According to the paper: "The pair say they are facing up to the fact they may not even be able to take their child home from hospital after the birth."

People talk about rehabilitation and getting back into society, I've tried doing that and I'm getting treated like I'm a piece of scum.

Liverpool council won't comment on the case, but told the paper: "Our top priority is always the welfare and safety of a child."