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A US National Park Has Actually Had To Warn People Not To Take Selfies With Wild Bears

*face-palms until it gets painful*

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She said: "Real photographers take pictures that can seem to show the bears are close to them in the shot. The fact is they are using high-powered long lens equipment so they are actually far away from the animal."

"We have had staff out and saying to people it probably isn’t a good idea to get a picture of your 3-year-old next to a bear cub when its mother is just a few feet away eating fish."

Mercury Press/ Caters News

“It could end very badly indeed. We had one person say to us, ‘It’s OK, it’s a black bear, they don’t attack people.’ Needless to say, this isn’t true. I was out myself this week to warn people because funnily enough people don’t just seem to listen to some of our younger officers, it’s crazy.”