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    A US National Park Has Actually Had To Warn People Not To Take Selfies With Wild Bears

    *face-palms until it gets painful*

    No, really, it's apparently a problem.

    Mercury Press/ Caters News

    Officials at Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, have apparently had to walk around the trails telling people to stop taking pics like this after seeing them on social media.

    Gay Eitel of the Taylor Creek Visitor Centre told Barcroft Media it was fortunate the season was coming to an end.

    Mercury Press/ Caters News

    She said: "Real photographers take pictures that can seem to show the bears are close to them in the shot. The fact is they are using high-powered long lens equipment so they are actually far away from the animal."

    Mercury Press/ Caters News

    "We have found that the general public have been going out with iPhones and suchlike, and trying to recreate those pictures a lot closer to the bears."

    Mercury Press/ Caters News

    "These are wild animals. They may have got used to people because of visitors to the park, but they are still potentially very dangerous."

    Mercury Press/ Caters News

    "We have had staff out and saying to people it probably isn’t a good idea to get a picture of your 3-year-old next to a bear cub when its mother is just a few feet away eating fish."

    Mercury Press/ Caters News

    “It could end very badly indeed. We had one person say to us, ‘It’s OK, it’s a black bear, they don’t attack people.’ Needless to say, this isn’t true. I was out myself this week to warn people because funnily enough people don’t just seem to listen to some of our younger officers, it’s crazy.”

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