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    Nov 10, 2014

    A Tesco Worker Made Remembrance Day Pizzas And They Were Kind Of Genius

    Well played young man, well played.

    Ian Vaughan saw these pizzas at the Tesco Extra in Horley.

    Good work @Tesco #LessWeForget pizzas!

    There have been a few people on Twitter accusing Tesco of "cashing in" on Remembrance Day but it's not really like that.

    Ian tells BuzzFeed News: "[There was] some young guy making them, I said good job to him and he thanked me."

    And a Tesco spokesperson said:

    Colleagues in stores have been marking Remembrance Sunday in a number of ways and we hope customers see that their intentions in this case were entirely borne out of respect.

    Right, let's all look at one of the best GIFs on the internet.

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