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    Posted on Jan 13, 2014

    A Single Man Went On Mumsnet To Find A Date And Got Seriously Burned

    Poor, poor sheffieldguy...

    "Sheffieldguy" sounds like a bit of a catch.

    Tim P Whitby / Getty / Via

    Note: there is no evidence to suggest he was Sean Bean (more on this later).

    I'm not looking for a relationship, just some NSA (no strings attached) fun. Not into one-night stand. I'd rather click with someone a bit and have repeated fun whenever convenient for both of us.

    Also: "(I am) Very open minded and quite kinky, but just as happy to have a more 'regular' intimate encounter as well."

    Yeah. We know how this is going to go down, don't we?

    Get out of there sheffieldguy. Get out of there now.

    Too late.

    Oh boy.

    One response: "Bless his cotton socks. Don’t we all know a guy like that? Thinks he’s God’s gift to women."

    Another: "And here's me on my own for a few days while DH [Dear Husband]'s away on business!"

    Another: "What an old romantic!"

    And after 400 replies, the thread was deleted. Now only this remains.

    Bad luck, sheffieldguy.

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