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    Nov 5, 2014

    A School In Bradford Sent 152 Pupils Home For Not Meeting Its Dress Code

    Parents of pupils at Hanson Academy have been leaving furious messages on the school's Facebook page.

    The BBC reports that on Tuesday Hanson Academy strictly enforced its school uniform policy, with 10% of pupils not meeting the required standard.


    Among banned items of clothing are hoop earrings, jumpers, and jackets and coats indoors.


    This pupil's shoes were deemed not to have met the required standard.


    There has been a mixed response on the school's Facebook page.

    A number of parents expressed their frustration.

    However, some were supportive.

    It seems there is a general feeling the school is not, however, applying the policy consistently.

    The principal, Elizabeth Churton, has defended her decision.


    She told the BBC that in order to make the school a "better and richer" place it was necessary to get "the foundations right".

    One woman, interviewed by the broadcaster, said that her son had been sent home but his shoes had met the criteria of being "black shoes...flat soles, they're exactly what they say." When asked if she'd be able to afford a new pair, she said: "Not really, not on income support."

    The school has been placed in special measures and has had six headteachers in five years.

    There have been further arguments on the Facebook page regarding the cost of the uniform.

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