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    A Racist Mum Threw Flour Over Her Black Neighbour And Said "Now You Are White British"

    According to court reports, she also called her neighbour a "black gorilla".


    Maidstone Crown Court.

    In June, KentOnline reported that a mother-of-three from Gillingham has admitted racially aggravated harassment at Maidstone Crown Court.

    According to the website, the trouble began when Kellie Wells, 42, fell out with her neighbour, Pamela Bower. At one point Wells threw an ice cream tub full of water and flour on Bower.

    After climbing the garden fence and covering Pamela Bower in the messy solution, Kellie Wells told her: 'You are now white British.' She had also called Miss Bower 'a black gorilla', told her to go back to her country and threatened to burn down her house in Hollingbourne Road, Gillingham.
    After the death of her husband Wells would visit regularly to drink wine with her.But after their friendship broke down, Wells made racist comments including calling Mrs Bower 'a black gorilla' and, mimicking an Indian accent, telling her to 'take your welly boots and go back to your own country'.

    Wells has now been jailed for 33 weeks.

    Recorder Gordon Reed is quoted by the Mirror: "There is little evidence you show remorse. Overall, this was appalling conduct. One cannot overstate the seriousness of it. It simply cannot be tolerated."

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