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    A Photographer Has Snapped Dozens Of Tattoos Inspired By The Boston Bombing

    Christopher Padgett's Bled For Boston project is incredibly moving.

    Christopher was inspired to take pictures of locals like Jessica, below, while getting a tattoo himself.

    Christopher Padgett

    He tells BuzzFeed: "After the 117th Boston Marathon bombings, tattoo shops all over New England offered Boston-themed tattoos and donated the funds raised to The One Fund to benefit bombing victims and their families.

    "As I waited my turn at Good Mojo Tattoos in Beverly, MA, I saw all types people coming through the door to have their love for Boston permanently inked on their bodies. Later that day, I decided to try and photograph as many of these people as I could."

    Soon he was back at the tattoo parlour.

    Christopher Padgett

    "The following Tuesday, I was back in the chair at Good Mojo with Mulysa, who runs the place to get another piece touched up. I mentioned the idea to her. She thought it sounded great, so we spit-balled ideas about gallery spaces and the like."

    Later that week, he mentioned it to his friends at the Boston Center for Adult Education, where he's an instructor.

    Christopher Padgett

    "They were very enthusiastic and offered to hang the pictures the entire month of April, 2014 in time for the first anniversary of the bombings and the 118th Boston Marathon. I had gallery space before I had taken a single picture."

    He's now taken pictures of close to 80 people.

    Christopher Padgett

    "They range from runners to nurses, chiropractors to cops, including MBTA Officer Richard 'Dic' Donohue, who was wounded in the firefight in Watertown, MA with the alleged bombers."

    It's given him tremendous insight into what happened that day.

    Christopher Padgett

    "It has been fascinating and humbling to hear the stories and connect the dots of what happened."

    He's received support from the whole New England business community.

    Christopher Padgett

    "Boston media like the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, WFXT, WBUR, WBZ, WAAF and Radio BDC have been great getting the word out. Non-traditional media like Boston Tweet and BostInno have been behind me since the start. PR firm IUC has been pushing this project for me for free.

    "The Boston office of law firm Holland & Knight offered pro-bono legal counsel for trademarking the project. Hunts Photo & Video, a Boston-based company, paid for the prints for the gallery show. The Boston Center for Adult Education is throwing a gallery-opening party on the third of April with Polar Beverage, Deep Eddy Vodka and Peak Brewing providing the refreshments, at no cost."

    The book will raise money for charity.

    Christopher Padgett

    "Proceeds from the sale of a Bled for Boston book (funded through an indiegogo campaign in January which exceeded its goal by $1,000) and a poster I’ve printed will benefit the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where all of the victims received treatment."

    He feels overwhelmed by the response.

    Christopher Padgett

    "I hope people are happy with how it all comes out and I hope I’m helping in the healing process for our great city."