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A Penguin Is Beach Buddies With The Man Who Saved Him And It Will Melt Your Heart


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Here is the beautiful story of Dindim the penguin and João Pereira De Souza, a Brazilian bricklayer.

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Our story begins in 2011, on a beach near Rio de Janeiro...

...where a man found a penguin soaked in oil.

He picked up the penguin, fed and cleaned him, and, when he was strong enough, took him back to the beach, ready to follow his destiny. But the penguin wouldn't leave him. So he took him out to sea in a boat and dropped him into the water to swim away.

When the man got home, the penguin was there, waiting for him.

Which was strange, because while the penguins traditionally migrate thousands of miles between Patagonia and the feeding areas north of there, Dindim seemed to prefer the warm climate and sandy beaches near Rio de Janeiro, where the man lived.

This man was retired bricklayer João Pereira De Souza.

And now he has a friend called Dindim the penguin. Who will often leave to go to sea for months...

...but he always comes back to visit his friend.

LOOK AT THEM. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

De Souza says: "When he comes back, he always seems very happy to see me."


The penguin is called "Dindim". An earlier version of this article misstated his name.