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A New Jersey Hospital Charged A Man $8,200 To Put A Bandage On His Finger

And no, he didn't need any stitches either.

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NBC 4 New York reported that in August last year, he accidentally cut his finger with the claw-end of a hammer.


It wasn't a serious injury, but it wasn't healing, so he took went to the Bayonne Medical Center. They said he wouldn't need stitches, or an X-ray.

But it turned out to be a rather costly little visit.


The station reported: "Hanusz-Rajkowsk got hit with an $8,200 bill for the emergency room visit. On top of that, Bayonne Medical Center charged $180 for a tetanus shot, $242 for sterile supplies, and $8 for some antibacterial ointment in addition to hundreds of dollars for the services of the nurse practitioner."

“I got a Band-Aid and a tetanus shot. How could it be $9,000? This is crazy,” Hanusz-Rajkowski said. “If I severed a limb, I’d carry it to the next emergency room in the next city before I go back to this place."

There's a dispute over whose fault this is.

The medical center blames Hanusz-Rajkowski's insurance company, United Healthcare, but the station says it was told by United the company that owns the center "is pursuing a predatory business model that avoids cutting price deals with insurers."


United paid $6,640 toward the bill, and Hanusz-Rajkowski was responsible for settling the balance. But after NBC began reporting the story and asking questions, the hospital's CEO said they waived the rest of the bill.

“I understand there is no balance due on this bill,” said Dr. Mark Spektor, president and CEO of Bayonne Medical Center.