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A Mother Made A Horrifying Discovery After Fitting CCTV To Her Back Door

Lisa Mackenzie thought she was being paranoid when she discovered scratches on her back door – now she wishes she had been.

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This horrifying footage of a man lurking in a back garden has been viewed thousands of times after Lisa Mackenzie, a mother of two, posted it to Facebook.

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"CCTV paid off. Anyone know this scumbag? Looking through my windows. Police called. 1.15 am Monday 13/7/15," she wrote in the caption.

She told the website that she had set up a £350 security system following an earlier break-in attempt: A month ago, she found scratches around the lock on her back door, along with a length of wire bent into a hook left on the floor nearby.


Instead, she was horrified to see footage of a man in a hooded anorak, wearing gloves and carrying a torch, prowling around the back of the house. He shines his torch into the kitchen, then climbs the stairs to the back door. It appears he briefly tries to open it.

South Wales Police Inspector Richard Weber told WalesOnline: "We understand the footage causes concern but would like to reassure residents that burglary levels are low in the area and it appears to be an isolated incident."

He added that people should "always" ensure their houses are secure, since burglars will "check many properties for unsecured doors and windows".

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Mackenzie for further comment.

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