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A Man With Two Penises Did A Highly Enlightening Q&A On Reddit

"DoubleDickDude" claims to have been born with two penises thanks to a congenital abnormality. Redditors were invited to ask him anything. And they certainly did. Here are a few of the things we learned. WARNING: A lot of NSFW language.

1. He says he loves having two penises. You can see them here (NSFW, obviously).

2. Yes, he has a favourite.

3. He claims he has to pee out of both at the same time, has had a "quadruple stream" when aroused, but has never crossed them.

4. All of which can make using public toilets a challenge.

5. He says female responses vary. Some are all:

6. And they make full use of the facilities.

7. While others plain refuse to believe it's real.

8. Apparently when aroused, the left one starts to get erect, then the right gets "rock hard" before the left stiffens a bit more.

My prostate gets stimulation from both cocks and creates a lot of seminal fluid. So when i cum it has to be squeezed every few days to get all the excess out. otherwise it feels bloated and painful.

10. Yes, two people have given him oral sex at the same time. You may want to put your lunch down before reading this.

11. He prefers to masturbate the right penis, but the left occasionally gets "caught up in the mayhem".

I stopped a few years back. Didnt like the empty feeling inside after a 1 night stand. did a lot of those in my late teens. For the most part, girls were nervous and some changed their mind at the last minute. dudes NEVER change their mind, they always want it even if they're freaked out a little.
I call it monogamous because we are exclusive. She enjoys it.

14. It seems to be working well at present.

i'd only be popular for so long and then i'd just be another blip in the hiccup of the porn business. the pay is shit from what ive seen and I don't need money, I'm comfortable now. Besides, i can't figure a value for my dignity. the only reason I let photos out is because i thought people might like to know, at least one guy with two normal dicks exists.

16. He says the worst thing about having two penises is the fact they "fall out of his pants".

And the best? "Having two cocks."

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