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A Man Posed As A Cupcake On Tinder And People Went Crazy For It

Here's the proof you were looking for that a baked product is more exciting than the opposite sex.

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If there's one thing I've learned about heterosexual women, it's that they like men. They enjoy their company. They even marry them, sometimes. But they love cupcakes. And if there's another thing I know, it's that single women are on Tinder. So armed with those two pieces of knowledge, I set out to create a Tinder persona that no woman could resist: a man's face drawn on a cupcake.

Meet Connor Cupcake.

Lee filled out a Facebook profile for Connor so women could get a sense of their potential date.

Captioned: "FRIDAY NIGHT! YOU KNOW HOW WE DO. #workhard #playharder".

Captioned: "FRIDAY NIGHT! YOU KNOW HOW WE DO. #workhard #playharder".

For the first few hours, things weren't looking good.

But then this happened.

And this.

Long story short, things got crazy.

The phrase "bakery smarts" was deployed.

Basically everyone loved the joke. And at times it was (literally) very sweet.

You can see all the other interactions in his story.

I know cupcakes are irresistible to women because of what happened to me. One late December night I was hitting on this girl at a bar. Things were going great. Then I went to use the bathroom, and when I got back, I saw a red velvet cupcake had begun talking to her. Stupid ginger cupcake snaked her from right under my nose. All I know is they left the bar together that night. It left a mark on me.

Ladies, this is what you could have won.

This is a picture of Lee shortly before he taste-tested 25 shakes and lost his mind.
Via Rebecca Feder/Thrillist.

This is a picture of Lee shortly before he taste-tested 25 shakes and lost his mind.

I got more attention as a cupcake on Tinder than I have on any dating site I've ever joined. Which sounds kind of sad. Let me rephrase... No, actually that's about right. Women are naturally drawn to cupcakes. They can't help it.The other thing I learned is that being yourself on a dating site is the best way to attract others. If you're a cupcake, act like a goddamn cupcake. Every woman on there engaged with me because I was so fucking cupcake-y.Just maybe don't try it with cottage cheese.