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A Guy Just Went To Jail For Driving At 150mph With Four Kids Not Wearing Seatbelts In The Back

Don't be this guy.

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Ian Waldie / Getty

According to the BBC, Keith Millard, 27, from Doncaster, was spotted speeding in his black Mercedes at over twice the limit by officers on the A1 at Norman Cross, Cambridgeshire, in September last year.

When they stopped him they found six-month-old twins in car seats, a girl, aged one, between them and a boy, aged two, in the footwell. It was only due to heavy traffic that the police managed to catch up with him – by that point he'd had to reduce his speed to a mere 90mph. It wasn't even his car: it turned out to be his father's, and he wasn't insured to drive it. He's been banned from driving for three years and will have to sit a further test to get his licence back.

He was apparently in a rush to catch a ferry to Germany after he'd missed one in Hull.

Not only would any collision, or loss of control at such speeds have potentially tragic consequences for both the driver and other road users, but the effect on unrestrained toddlers would almost certainly have been fatal.