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A Family Has Been Making These Amazingly Awkward Christmas Cards For 13 Years

They WIN at Christmas.

Mike Bergeron, 42, and his wife, Laura, from Aliso Viejo, California, have been making these amazing Christmas cards for years.

Mike Bergeron told BuzzFeed: "We thought the Christmas card tradition was ripe for parodying just because of their inherently awkward nature."

"I have always given Christmas gifts to everyone that I'm close to, so by the time I turned 30 it was getting pretty difficult ... to find ways to express to the people that I love that they are important to me through some small gift," he said.

"The card became a way that Laura and I could share some joy with the people we care about around the holidays."

"The card is now our gift to them each year, and it has become pretty highly anticipated and appreciated in our circle of loved ones."

"It is pretty exciting that the cards have now gone viral and so many other people are getting so much joy from them, as well."

"We usually choose our theme around October and try to have the photo taken by Thanksgiving."

What a family.

What a family!