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A Definitive And Important Ranking Of Taylor Swift's Dance Moves

Because this simply needed to be done.

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17. The "Subdued Shoulder Groove".

16. The "Shuffle-With-A-Friend".

15. The "Chewing Crunker".


14. The "Crane Kick"

13. The "Drunk Airplane".

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12. The "Sorta-Sassy-Shake"

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11. The "Puppet-On-A-String".


10. The "Mosh Pit".

9. The 'Mouth Jive".

8. The "Shake It Out".

7. The "Confined No No No".

6. The "Swerve-On-With-A-Pal".

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5. The "Six-String Hopskotch".

4. The "Love Thy Neighbour".

3. The "Undulating Worm Boogie".


2. The "Floating Gangsta Skank".

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1. The "Semi-Twerk Pogo".