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    Posted on Dec 30, 2015

    A Couple Saved An Injured Squirrel And Now He's Living In Their Christmas Tree


    Last month, a man named Chris who posts to Reddit as carefree_dude made friends with this little fella, called Mittens.

    As he described on Reddit, his wife had found Mittens by the side of the road:

    He likely got hit by a car, and suffered major head trauma. She took him home. He couldn't eat, drink, walk, or really do anything. We were eventually able to get him to drink via a syringe. We reached out to a wildlife rehabilitater, who gave us some medicine to give him to help with the head trauma. Now, after 6 days on the medicine, He's doing a lot better. He's able to hold food on his own. He still needs help drinking.

    Mittens could walk, but not very well. He often kept his head to one side. So they cared for him, aware that they might not be able to ever release him again.

    But now he has a new home!

    That's right, he's in the family Christmas tree, and he seems to love it there.

    Chris told the Daily Dot: "We have quite the zoo in our house, including a dog, four cats, fish, 14 chickens, and a turtle. The cats just ignore him. The fish and turtle are indifferent, and the dog is kept away from him for safety reasons."

    This is actually the second squirrel the couple have kept – Chris writes that the last one went wild, but this one he has "a feeling will stay tame, mostly due to his mental issues. He's beyond the age when the last one 'went wild' and is still VERY tame."

    Chris wrote that when the time comes, they'll take the tree down and build Mittens an enclosure. But for now, they must be pretty tempted to leave the tree up all year round.

    BuzzFeed has contacted carefree_dude for further comments.

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