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9 Vivid Portraits Of People Around The World Living On A Dollar A Day

More than a billion people around the world are believed to live on a dollar a day or less.

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2. The book's written by Thomas A. Nazario, founder of a nonprofit called The Forgotten International, and photographed by Pulitzer Prize winner Renée C. Byer.

Renée C. Byer

Hunupa Begum, 13, and Hajimudin Sheikh, 6, beg for food in New Delhi. Begum is blind and Sheikh suffers from abnormal fluid build-up in his head.

3. Nazario didn't want to focus on one place. He organised trips to 10 different countries.

Renée C. Byer

Subadra Devi left India after a drought killed her crops and is now a laborer in the Himalayan foothills.


6. Nazario says he found meeting the children who live on an e-waste dump in Ghana particularly moving.

Renée C. Byer

Eight-year-old Fati scavenges scrap metal in an e-waste dump in Accra, Ghana, and carries it in a bucket on her head. She is crying from pain caused by malaria.

7. Women have it particularly hard in the poorest countries. They're often seen as a liability, which is why they're regularly sold as children into prostitution or trafficking.

Renée C. Byer

The Kayayo Girls of Accra collect waste or serve as porters for wealthier residents. They often live in communal settings near or atop the city dump.

8. Nazario also says climate change is particularly affecting the world's poor, as they rely on subsistence farming.

Renée C. Byer

Ana-Marie Tudor in the Bucharest, Romania, home from which her family faces eviction.

9. Nazario has said: "There are some things that almost always help alleviate poverty, and one is, of course, education. There's almost nothing terribly political [...] about providing decent schools in villages that have none."

Renée C. Byer

Nine-year-old Alvaro helps out with the family's alpacas and llamas since his father died. He was one of the few children in the book who attends school.