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    43 Reasons Living In Oxford Ruins You For Life

    The views, the parks, the pubs, the history, the culture – why live anywhere else? Special thanks to Tejvan Pettinger.

    1. Because the spires really do dream.

    Flickr: tejvan / Via Creative Commons

    2. Because there's nothing better than shopping in the Covered Market.

    3. Because Christ Church Meadow has Longhorn cattle.

    Flickr: tejvan / Via Creative Commons

    4. And some bits of the college doubled up as Hogwarts.

    5. Because you can get lost in the Ashmolean Museum for hours...

    Flickr: biker_jun / Via Creative Commons

    6. ...and the Pitt Rivers has one of the best anthropological and archeological collections on earth.

    Flickr: yellowbookltd / Via Creative Commons

    7. Of course, it's right behind the Museum of Natural History.

    8. If you go for a walk through South Park, you'll get this view.

    Flickr: tejvan / Via Creative Commons

    9. And there's nothing like the sun's rays lying static at quarter to six on polychromatical lacing of bricks.

    Flickr: ru_boff / Via Creative Commons

    (This is Keble College, and that caption is a nod to a John Betjeman poem about a church in Jericho.)

    10. Or strolling alongside the Isis on a Sunday afternoon.

    Flickr: tejvan / Via Creative Commons

    11. Where you'll almost always see this kind of thing going on.

    Lucile Desligneres / Via Flickr: 31307381@N03

    12. And if you get bored of the river you could walk along the canal...

    Flickr: dickpenn / Via Creative Commons

    13. ...till you get to Iffley lock.

    Flickr: ed_webster / Via Creative Commons

    14. Because it's a rare weekend when there won't be a bollard on one of these.

    Flickr: jimmyharris / Via Creative Commons

    15. Because you can take a tour of the Bodleian Library, which first opened in 1602.

    16. Although it's hardly the only amazing library here.

    Arne Halvorse / Via Flickr: 31549162@N05

    (This one belongs to All Souls college).

    17. Because you can get an unbelievable meal at Oli's Thai...

    18. ...and Yeti serves food fit for a king.

    But then there's also pizzas at the White Rabbit, modern British food at the Oxford Kitchen... It goes on.

    19. And if you're after pudding, there's no better ice cream than that at G&D's.

    20. The live music scene is unbelievably good.

    Flickr: simononly

    Good enough for the likes of Foals, Radiohead, and Supergrass to have cut their teeth here.

    21. There's something about drinking wine in the cinema.

    22. You're never far from some verdant landscape. Port Meadow is simply stunning.

    Flickr: tejvan / Via Creative Commons

    23. And this looks like a country pub, but isn't.

    The Victoria Arms is a 10-minute bike ride from the centre of town, and has gorgeous gardens that reach the Cherwell river.

    24. Speaking of pubs, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to drink at The Eagle and Child...

    25. ...while they've been serving beer at The Bear since 1242, so they know how to do it well.

    26. You can drink by the river...

    27. ...or go down a little alley just past the Bridge of Sighs...

    28. ...and get to The Turf Tavern.

    29. Punting in summer is even better if you've got something to drink with you.

    Kimberly Wild / Via

    30. You can visit the deer of Magdalen College.

    Jiahui Huang / Flickr: 27237408@N03

    31. This is what it looks like when it snows...

    Flickr: biker_jun / Via Creative Commons

    32. ...(the Botanic Garden looks especially wonderful after a snowfall)...

    Flickr: tejvan / Via Creative Commons

    33. ...while frost looks like this.

    34. So there's nowhere better to spend Christmas.

    35. You could spend a lifetime in Blackwell's.

    36. Everyone cycles everywhere.

    Flickr: tejvan / Via Creative Commons

    37. There's always outdoor theatre on at the colleges in summer...

    38. ...which you can watch as the sun sets.

    Flickr: tejvan / Via Creative Commons

    39. You might pass through Jericho, which is full of funky little places like Freud Café and hidden gems like The Old Bookbinders.

    40. The splendid Shotover Country Park is just a little way out of town.

    Flickr: wheatfields / Via Creative Commons

    41. As, of course, is Blenheim Palace.

    42. There's just something slightly magical about the place.

    Flickr: bjbjb / Via Creative Commons

    43. So why would you live anywhere else?

    Flickr: tejvan / Via Creative Commons