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    This Grandmother Accidentally Grew A Giant Cannabis Plant In Her Garden

    Easy mistake to make.

    Hi there Patricia Hewitson, 64.

    Alastair Johnstone / SWNS

    She told SWNS she found a "strange plant" among her Petunias. Stop giggling at the back. She posted a picture of it on Facebook but her friends had no idea what it was, so she left it, and it grew and grew. It was eventually five feet tall.

    She told SWNS: "I said to my husband, do you think this is what I think it is?"


    Obviously not.

    And it was only once she'd got in touch with Radio Devon's "The Potting Shed" that clarification was made.

    Alastair SWNS.comAlastair Johnstone

    The plant was grown from bird seed, she believes. The police removed it. She has apparently received some "interesting" emails after asking for help.

    So that's all good.


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