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    Posted on Mar 27, 2014

    35 Important Things You Need To Know If You're Getting Married

    A step-by-step guide to making your big day just perfect.

    1. So you're finally getting married! Make sure you tell all your friends!

    2. Always remember, some venues are better than others.


    3. Some just aren't the right environment at all.

    4. Honestly.


    5. Anyway, on your way to the reception, remember to take care of the bride.

    6. Assuming she makes it there ok, it's time for the ceremony. Make sure everyone keeps their cool.

    7. Because this seems to happen all the time.

    8. Seriously.

    9. All the time.

    10. This kind of reaction, of course, is acceptable.

    11. Think long and hard about who's going to hand those rings over.

    12. RIght, the bouquet. Obviously you can't see where it's going, but do take in your environment a bit.

    13. Again, bears repeating.

    14. And keep an eye on your attire.

    15. Above all, it really doesn't matter THAT much who catches it.

    16. Probably time for some photos about now. It helps to hire a photographer who knows what they're doing.

    17. Take care when picking the perfect spot for your snap.

    18. Water: not a good idea.

    19. And avoid wildlife. It has a habit of intruding on your pictures.

    20. Really, avoid wildlife.

    21. SERIOUSLY. Avoid. Wildlife.

    22. How many more times?

    23. Time to make your big entrance at the dinner.

    24. It's generally better if the bride doesn't carry the groom...

    25. ...or vice versa.

    26. Make sure people are careful with the food.

    27. Another point that bears repeating.

    28. Try not to drink too much if you can.

    29. Because you need to keep your first dance elegant...

    30. ...and classy.

    31. But however badly you dance, it should be fine when everyone else joins in.

    32. Although congas are never a particularly good idea.

    33. There it is. Above all, just enjoy your special day.

    34. It's a beautiful day.

    35. One you'll remember for the rest of your life.

    Matt Wright / Via Flickr: mattwright

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