32 Stunning Photos Of San Francisco In The 40s And 50s

From Fred Lyon's San Francisco: Portrait of a City 1940 - 1960.

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9. In an interview earlier this year, he said: "Early on, in the 1940s, I lived in Sausalito and daily crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, a dramatic steel sculpture in a theatrical setting."

13. Ramekon O'Arwisters, who curated an exhibition of Lyon's photos, told Huffington Post: "Lyon witnessed and photographed the transformation of San Francisco into a center for optimism, posterity, and growth."

15. "His black-and-white images of children playing on a makeshift boat and young sailors casually shopping at Fisherman's Wharf explore the idyllic past with hope and confidence."

29. "But followers of Fred's long photographic career note that he has been capturing the city's unique, sometimes strange, sometimes loopy, always exciting images for more than 60 years."