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31 Things All Brits Who Grew Up In The '80s And '90s Remember

It was the best of times, it was the best of times...

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1. First up, let's talk about how good TV was.

2. As we know, the cartoons were incredible.

3. There were too many great characters to list.


4. Every theme tune was superb...

5. ...and this might have been the best of all.

6. And later in the day, there was nothing like a spot of Gamesmaster before homework.

Channel 4

7. Not to mention watching Sir Killalot and friends in action.

8. Or filling your pants watching Knightmare.


9. Breakfast TV was much more exciting than it is now.

10. And this was the greatest of all.

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11. At Christmas you planned your viewing by circling things in this.

Circling all the films you want to watch over Christmas


Circling all the films you want to watch over Christmas

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12. When you weren't watching a programme, there was probably an extremely catchy advert playing.

13. LUDICROUSLY catchy.

14. Or a completely bonkers one.

15. It was a true golden age of action figures.

16. If you got bored of Thundercats figures, you could play with G.I. Joe or Visionaries...

17. ...or, even better, Mask figures.

18. All of which was cool, but perhaps not as cool as going out on one of these.

19. If you rode down to the park on that, having acquired some of this, you were a little bit of a legend.

20. You probably turned up to school with one of these...

21. ...and did this in the playground...

22. ...when not attempting to deploy the world's least effective fighting technique.

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

23. Or, of course, playing football.

24. (Which was almost as much fun as this.)

25. Music was much more of a hassle, but kids today will never appreciate the struggle.

26. Nor will they know how great it was to go to Wimpy for one of these.

27. They won't know the joy of chocolate in cheap plastic.

28. Or driving games that are much better than anything you could play on a Playstation 4.

29. That said, there were some brilliant video games, like these...

30. ...and these.

31. What a time to be alive.