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31 People Who Really Need To Step Away From The Internet

Seriously, put the phone DOWN. NSFW language ahead.

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1. This person who's confused by time.

2. Mike, who clearly felt this was worth a try.

3. This person who thinks Scousers are stupid.

4. Anyone wondering if Hitler was real.

5. In fact, anyone this confused about historical events.

6. Or measurements.

7. Or religion.

8. Anyone who wants to legalise freedom.

9. Or does this.

10. Anyone who doesn't know St George was born in Roman Palestine.

11. This budding economist.

12. Bronwen, who needs to share less.

13. Anyone struggling this much with geography.

14. Or this much.

15. Anyone who doesn't know what Barack Obama's last name is.

16. This 12-year-old.

17. Gina.

18. Vicky.

19. Anyone confused about turkeys.

20. Or meat in general.

21. Or fish.

22. Or meat and fish.

23. Anyone trying to run a makeshift crematorium.

24. This person who is a lil' wild.

25. This chap who finds life is crazy.

26. Everyone involved in this exchange.

27. Darren.

28. Anyone this confused by breast milk.

29. This person who wasn't paying attention during Forrest Gump.

30. Anyone not sure what to wear to court.

31. Really. All of you. Get off the internet.

Via Twitter: @CringePhotos