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29 Things That Will Improve Your Day Immeasurably

Please retain these in your bookmarks for all crappy days.

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1. This Vine, unmuted.

2. This guy's prank.

I left my girlfriend a note... #spider #whatspider #Halloween

3. This piglet.

4. This Halloween costume.

5. Trash panda failing.

6. The cow that thinks it's a dog.

My cow thinks he's a dog... We left the door open for 5 minutes

7. This Facebook fail.

I refuse to believe this is real. I refuse

8. This hard-nosed reporter.

9. This camerawork.

10. This superb use of fruit.

11. This satisfying hedgehog Vine.

12. This bear's catch.

13. Whatever is happening here.

Finally a celebrity chef I can trust.

14. The worst movie extra of all time.

15. This lazy dog.

16. This tweet.


17. This houmous.

When your humous says something funny and you just think

18. The fact someone did this.

Dunno about you but I'm at a party with a guy who's come as a Nintendo 64 cartridge

19. This GIF.

20. Trash panda giving his friend a hug.

Raccoon gifs are fast becoming my new favourite thing.

21. This scene from Titanic.

22. This Scottish decorator's van.

23. Coldplay, improved.

24. This cheerleader.

25. Life in six seconds.

26. This dog chilling.

27. Brian Eno's cat.

Brian Eno: I am my own worst critic. Cat: Not while I'm alive.

28. An analysis of the Pope's popishness.

29. And the sweetest roar of all time.