25 Glorious Things That Happened At The First U.K. Twerking Championships

Bounce, bounce, bounce. Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Twerking is so mainstream it’s just been added to Oxford Dictionaries.

Everyone started using the term after a little incident you may have heard about.

Now it seems like everyone and their cat’s doing it. It’s just shaking your ass, right?

WRONG. It’s actually a lot harder than it looks.

1. On 21 November, the UK held its first ever Twerking Championships, and just look how big the queue to get in was.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

2. This was a seriously well organised event.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

3. Obviously, you could buy clobber.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

4. So much clobber.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

5. This is Jeremy from Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club. He’s basically Simon Cowell. The other judges were a lady who worked with Lily Allen and a lady who worked with RiRi.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

6. Contestants get 30 seconds to twerk their heart out. The DJ blasts music so loud the bass might liquidise your internal organs, and the twerking showdown begins.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

7. The first twerking pair were wearing masks for privacy and looked like the world’s least conspicuous cat burglars.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

8. They had a pretty awesome line in syncro moves.


9. But then their oppo started pulling out all kinds of crazy upside down twerks.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

10. Yeah, this was what the crowd came for.

Alan White/Buzzfeed

11. A lot of the time quality of twerk is contingent on the quality of leggings.


12. Meanwhile, here’s an audience member’s views on Miley Cyrus.

13. No one had a good word to say for her: except that she’d made real twerking popular.

14. Back in the main hall and here’s a JUMBO TWEET SCREEN. Just use #uktwerkchamps and you’re broadcasting to hundreds!

Alan White/Buzzfeed

15. Clearly worth a try.

TWERKERS! Buy the guy from @buzzfeeduk a drink if you see him at the bar #uktwerkchamps

— Alan White (@aljwhite)

Alan White


TWERKERS! Buy the guy from @buzzfeeduk a drink if you see him at the bar #uktwerkchamps

/ Via

16. Or not.

#UKTwerkChamps don't buy him a drink. He's cheap !

— Lord SLI (@Lord_SLI)

Lord SLI


#UKTwerkChamps don’t buy him a drink. He’s cheap !

/ Via

17. Back to the contest, and this pair probably had the maddest skills on display.


18. Preach.

#UKTwerkChamps jelly jelly jelly!!

— Noodle (@NathalieMillen)



#UKTwerkChamps jelly jelly jelly!!

/ Via

19. Like this guy says: not easy.

20. Personal choice for best move of the night: the wheelbarrow twerk.

21. Lisa from North Tottenham was probably the crowd favourite due to her Chun Li impression.

22. On the way out, this guy had a message for womankind.

23. He’s right: it’s a life skill. Everyone should twerk. Responsibly.

24. And appropriately.

25. Enjoy yourselves, everyone.

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