28 Powerful Pictures Of Women Fighting For Their Right To Vote

    Today is the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, when some – but not all – British women were given the vote for the first time.

    1. Circa 1900: Male and female members of the women's suffrage movement on a protest march through London.

    2. 1908: Suffragettes picketing Holloway prison, London, while Emmeline Pankhurst was imprisoned there.

    3. 1908: Emmeline Pankhurst (1858–1928, centre), and her daughter Christabel Harriette (1880–1958, third from left), being welcomed by friends and supporters upon their release.

    4. 1908: Jennie Baines addressing a mass rally of Suffragettes at Trafalgar Square, London.

    5. April 1909: Suffragette prisoners passing the houses of parliament in London after their release from Holloway prison.

    6. 1910: A crowd in Hyde Park at a suffragette meeting.

    7. 1911: Emmeline Pankhurst being jeered by a crowd in New York.

    8. 1912: Two suffragettes in conversation with a policeman.

    9. 1912: Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst (1882–1960) standing on a platform to paint the front of the Women's Social Defence League premises in Bow Road, east London.

    10. 1912: A male suffrage supporter being led over the bridge at St James's Park after his arrest for involvement in an attack on Buckingham Palace.

    11. 1912: The aftermath of a window-smashing spree outside the Swan & Edgar department store in the West End of London.

    12. 1913: English suffragette Annie Kenney (1879–1953) being arrested during a demonstration.

    13. 1913: Emily Davison (1872–1913) being fatally injured as she tries to stop the King's horse Amner on Derby Day, to draw attention to the women's suffragette movement.

    14. 1913: Emily Davison's funeral procession.

    15. 1913: Emily Davison's funeral procession passing Eros at Piccadilly Circus.

    16. 1913: A woman peers through a shattered window in Holloway prison after an explosion caused by suffragettes trying to blow the jail up.

    17. 1913: A suffragette attacked in the crowd at a meeting given by chancellor David Lloyd George at Criccieth being escorted from the crowd by policemen.

    18. 1913: A policeman trying to lead a suffragette on whom the crowd has turned to safety at the meeting in Criccieth.

    19. 1913: A protest march by women suffragettes in London with police in attendance.

    20. 1914: Arrested protesters being led away by the police after a suffragette attack on Buckingham Palace.

    21. 1914: Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested at the demonstration outside Buckingham Palace, London.

    22. 1914: Pankhurst being carried away.

    23. 1914: Police arresting suffragettes chaining themselves to the railings outside Buckingham Palace, London.

    24. 1914: A police officer trying to remove a suffragette from the railings outside Buckingham Palace.

    25. 1914: British suffragette leader Flora Drummond (1869–1949) being arrested during the Great Ulster rally in Hyde Park, London.

    26. 1914: A suffragette recovering after fainting in police custody following a raid on Buckingham Palace.

    27. 1914: A procession of arrested suffragettes passing through St James's Park after a protest at Buckingham Palace.

    28. 1914: A member of the suffragette movement being arrested by a London policeman at a demonstration outside Buckingham Palace.