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27% Of Brits Believe You Can Protect Yourself From STIs By Doing It In The Shower

The train for Facepalm Central is now departing.

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Over at The Debrief, they've picked up on a pretty amazing survey about our attitudes to sexually transmitted infections.

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And it's not amazing in a good way.

Online pharmacy UKMedix did some research recently. Participants were provided with a list and asked which measures they believed they could take to reduce the risk of contracting an STI, with the option to select as many as they agreed with.

All respondents were aged 18 or over and had previously had at least three sexual partners. Nearly 2,000 people were surveyed.

Quite apart from the little matter of over a quarter of them thinking the shower was some kind of sensible precaution, 22% thought you could reduce the risk by using the "girl on top" position.

A further 45% believed that having sex standing up protects you, 28% thought spermicide would help, and 11% thought a "no kissing" rule was a sensible safety measure.

Oh, and it gets worse.

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There were a whole load of other troubling findings – 63% of respondents confirmed that they had not been tested for STIs in the last year, and 44% confessed they'd never had a routine STI test. When asked "Have you ever had unprotected sex with someone without previously ensuring you were both free of STIs (without the use of condoms)?" 72% of respondents confirmed that they had.

Understanding the risks and using the right protection is absolutely vital before anyone engages in any kind of sexual activity.STI tests should be routine for anybody who is sexually active and there should certainly be regular check ups between partners – think of it like going to the dentist.Not only is sexual health important for health and hygiene reasons, it's also a big part of sexual etiquette. It's actually quite sad to see that so many people, for one reason or another, are leaving the most basic of their manners outside the bedroom door!