24 Utterly Bizarre Japanese Ice Cream Flavours

Warning: contains fish. And meat. And lots of other things that shouldn’t be in ice cream.

1. Python.

Flickr: istolethetv / Creative Commons

3. Cow tongue.

4. Deep-fried oyster.

5. Miso Ramen.

8. Whitebait.

9. Squid ink.

11. Eel.

12. Chicken wing.

Via flickr.com / Creative Commons

13. Egg.

Bonus: looks like a condom.

17. Stew.

18. Bird (including java sparrow, parakeet and cockatiel).

As served at Torimi cafe.

19. Crab.

20. Fish.


21. Sweet potato.

23. Vampire.

Bit garlicky, apparently.

BONUS: this list of Japanese Kit Kat flavours.

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