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23-Year-Old Woman Grows Beard, Says She Feels More Feminine Than Ever

Harnaam Kaur, from Slough, suffers with polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes excessive hair growth.

Harnaam was just 11 years old when the beard started appearing and she spent her teenage years desperately trying to remove it. She would try to remove it by waxing twice a week.

And this is what she looks like now.

The primary school teaching assistant endured vile abuse at school and would be stared at in the street.

She became so self-conscious she refused to leave her house, except to go to lessons.

At her lowest point she began self-harming and even considered taking her own life.

But at the age of 16, she found the courage to accept her facial hair after being baptised as a Sikh.

The religion dictates that the body should be left in its natural state and body hair must be left to grow.

The decision proved controversial with her family but Harnaam was determined to show that she was beautiful no matter what she looked like.

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