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    23 Stunning Historical Moments From The British Pathé YouTube Account

    Film archive British Pathé has released its entire collection to YouTube: more than 85,000 rare 20th Century videos are now available to the public. We can't claim to have seen them all, but these are good...

    1. Of course, there are plenty of incredible animals. Like this dog that was rather good at jumping, from 1930.

    2. And this monkey, just riding around town in 1948.

    3. There are also plenty of fantastic inventions. Like this man's lawnmower engine-powered rollerskates from 1962.

    4. And this hover-scooter from 1960.

    5. And there are also a lot of very tall heights: gasp at this tightrope walker, 300 feet above New York, in 1931.

    6. And this 1950s tightrope wedding, from France.

    7. There's this breathtaking footage of Empire State Building window cleaners in 1938.

    8. And you can see Franz Reichart, who in 1912 decided to jump off the Eiffel Tower wearing this contraption.


    He died. The rest of the video isn't very pleasant.

    9. There are also incredible people: here's some 1935 footage of Robert Wadlow, the world's tallest man (8'11).

    10. And an allegedly 8ft tall woman at Chiswick Baths in 1927.

    But the truly incredible stuff is the footage of major historical events. Here's a selection from before 1950.

    11. Queen Victoria's funeral (1901).

    12. Wright Brothers' first flight (1903).

    13. The Titanic - before and after the disaster (1912).

    14. Emily Davidson throws herself under the King's horse (1913).

    15. Battle of the Somme (1916).

    16. UK General Strike (1926).

    17. Hindenburg airship crash (1937).

    18. Germany invades Poland (1939).

    19. London Blitz begins (1940).

    20. Evacuation of Dunkirk (1940).

    21. D-Day landings (1944).

    22. Liberation of Paris (1944).

    23. Hiroshima atomic bomb (1945).

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