19 Times Tumblr Absolutely Nailed Brexit

    The pound may be weak, but the memes are strong.

    1. When this guy posed with his precious Magic Stars.

    2. When the fear over cheeky Nando's began to rise.

    3. When it started to think about food in general.

    4. When Stewie spoke for France.

    5. When it came up with the worst episode of Adventure Time ever.

    6. When Tyra Banks spoke for Europe.

    7. When it started making Pokémon memes.

    8. When it found this quote from Power Monkeys.

    9. And started making reaction GIFs.

    10. When it took the Upgrade meme a step too far.

    11. When Nick Fury summed it all up.

    12. As did Sean Lock.

    13. When it looked at Twitter's trends.

    14. When it started making playlists.

    15. And created this hot new artist.

    16. Not to mention this hot new beat combo.

    17. When it looked at the UK's economy...

    18. ...and decided everything was just fine.

    19. And finally, when people began to worry what might happen next.