19 Genuinely Splendid Acts Of Trolling

Bro, are u angry?

2. This cat.

3. This touching tribute tweet.

4. And subsequent conversation.

5. Anyone who wears this T-shirt.

7. This student.

8. This guy planning to troll sci-fi fans over halloween.

10. Rick James cat.

11. This autograph hunter.

12. Anyone who uses Photoshop to troll.

13. Speaking of which: old but gold.

14. Anyone who does this.

16. Anyone who trolls a cat with a laser pointer.

17. Whoever did this.

19. This father, who’s a genius.

20. Anyone who wears either of THESE T-shirts.


21. Finally, this Facebook thread.

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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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